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There have been many people in my life who always tell me, “These people aren’t even real why are you so attached to them?  Why don’t you grow up?”  However I feel like those people don’t seem to understand how much these characters and shows mean to me.  When I was lonely, insecure, sad, etc. anime (and everything in the other awesome posts) would be able to boost me up.  They helped me while other people brushed me off.  I know it sounds cheesy or cliche but it’s what happened to me.  Anime has taught me a lot of life lessons that other people didn’t.  That’s why I always get annoyed when people tell me “They’re just fictional characters.  They aren’t real.”  Yeah I know they aren’t real.  However they taught me things that real people didn’t.  They motivated me when real people didn’t.  They helped me when real people didn’t.  So shut up and stop bashing something that I like for once.

- geekyetti

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